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No Fees. Quality connections. More Convenience.

Online and on the phone, our surveys of thousands of our customers show that we know how to do things right:

More than 92% would recommend us to their friends.

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Call Quality - We don’t focus on a few destinations. Our customers call all over the place. Use our clean connections with MCI, Primus, and several other high quality providers for echo-free, fast connections beyond just the big cities around the world. We offer a 30-day money back policy because we are confident you will be impressed.

No Fees - All fees (even taxes) already included. Talk 14 minutes, get charged only 14 minutes. Call landlines and mobiles, maybe even multiple countries, get a good deal to them all. Just the simple truth. The way it should be.

Dropped call refunds - Dropped calls happen sometimes. Cell phones. Parts of Africa. You get the picture. Our lines are clear, but sometimes you have to re-dial a number to get a connection. If you get billed for those re-dials for any reason, our policy is to give you back those minutes.