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Who is PinDance?Learn a little more about us!

Mission Statement

PinDance was founded to eliminate the inconveniences associated with accessing and purchasing toll-free calling services at affordable rates. PinDance operates under the belief that all people should have access to affordable and easy to use toll-free communications services regardless of which phones they want to use, which countries their customer’s want to call to and from, and how much money they want to spend with their service provider.

PinDance Communication’s ongoing mission is to provide these conveniences to its customers using all reliable technologies available and packaging them in simple terms.

PinDance also believes that customers should not be burdened with having to choose only one provider, commit to long-term contracts, or pay excessive fees. Rather, customers should be free to sign up with or free to leave their service provider as they please and with minimal penalty.

Our Vision

Our vision is for your customers to be able to call you from and to anywhere in the world in a manner that is quick and reliable for them, and affordable for you. PinDance believes that merging together open-access to international communications networks along with sophisticated online customer management tools and payment method flexibility will allow our customers to realize this vision while maintaining the conveniences they need to save time and money.